StrussBob is an African street culture brand (pronounced Stroes bob) and is a South African colloquial phrase meaning – “The Promise of Truth”. StrussBob is a universally recognised street term representing a promise of truth and resonates with South African’s of all ages and races. The brand belongs not only its creators but also to each and every person it touches.

The brand celebrates and embraces the beauty of South African and African languages, heritage, culture and imagery by merging these entities to create a fresh way of looking at African urban fashion. It’s not only a clothing brand, but also a platform for commentary on South African lifestyle, bringing more colour to our rainbow nation.

StrussBob is known as one of the leading street brands in South Africa. It has received international endorsement from artists like Mos Def, Bow Wow, Dwele, Luol Deng and Reggie Bush just to name a few. In its existence, this business has achieved significant success. Its current product range is made up of primarily a male range that includes caps, t-shirts, golf shirts, sweaters, hoodies, baseball jackets and body-warmers.

StrussBob is a street style brand that prides itself in being born and bred on the streets of South Africa. Our aim is to elevate African street culture to top global status and build a brand that resonates with the youth of Africa and beyond.

StrussBob is a representative of African street culture and aims to make a positive contribution in shaping youth identity and aspirations. We intend to bring StrussBob to the forefront of South African urban fashion and to restore pride in African culture.

StrussBob is proud to be AFRICAN.


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